Common FHA Credit Guidelines

July 27, 2016

FHA Credit Guidelines

Following FHA Credit guidelines, before providing approval for any type of loan, a lender will carefully analyze the overall integrity of the applicant’s credit history. The FHA loan requirements state that those who have a favorable credit history with a long track of timely payments on their debts will be eligible for the loan that […]

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Determining if a Home Mortgage is Right for You

July 20, 2016

home mortgage

A home – for most people – is the largest financial commitment of a lifetime. Obtaining a mortgage rate that accommodates your financial situation and is considered to be ideal involves more than just a bit of comparison shopping. It is important that you realize this – right at the beginning of the endeavor – […]

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5 Types of Loans That Consumers Should Avoid at All Costs – Part 1

July 5, 2016

loans to avoid

If you stumble upon financial difficulties, you will find that there are several types of loans at your disposal; however, you should understand that there are loans that will successfully aid in overcoming those difficulties and there are loans that should be avoided. Characteristics of loans that must be avoided include excessive interest rates, repayment […]

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