Tips for Seniors to Protect Your Finances

February 27, 2017

Senior couple going through finances

Financial abuse is on the rise in America. While none of us want to believe that a loved one would betray us, it happens all too often. We’ve seen more criminal cases in the last year surrounding elder financial abuse than most other financial crimes. One of the reasons is that 70% of the wealth […]

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Tax ID Fraud is No Joke. Heres how to Protect Yourself.

February 20, 2017

tax id fraud

In 2015, the Internal Revenue Service was able to thwart over 1.4 million different tax fraud attempts worth nearly $11 billion! Criminals are now utilizing a multitude of tactics to obtain personal and financial information in order to submit fraudulent claims. Consumers should be aware and learn how to avoid becoming the next victim of […]

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Disposal Guidelines for Financial Records and Receipts

February 15, 2017

disposal guidelines

Receipts and financial records hold a high level of importance – in both our personal lives and professional lives. According to the IRS, the disposal guidelines for financial documents are different for each type of record. It is important to retain financial records for the period associated with limitations if those records are listed as a source of income, […]

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