Loans to Start and Grow Your Business

August 22, 2017

bank loan to start up new business

According to statistics, approximately 95% of all new businesses are initiated with financing from personal funds and specially-designed loans. Personal funding may include savings, interest earnings from investments, direct investments to a business from individuals within a community or with a common interest, and/or the utilization of credit cards. Did you know that numerous banks […]

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Productive Banking Strategies for Small Business Owners

August 14, 2017

Business Meeting at the Bank

Owning and managing a business is highly rewarding; however, it may also prove to be exceptionally time-consuming, costly, and risky. In order to achieve the highest level of success, small business owners must incorporate several productive banking strategies. These will aid in building banking relationships, optimizing profits, and preventing falling prey to the frauds and […]

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Prevent Foreclosure with a HUD-Approved Housing Counselor

August 7, 2017

hud approved housing counselor

If you are experiencing complications in making the payments associated with your mortgage, it is imperative that you take the steps necessary to prevent foreclosure. It is best to be proactive, rather than being placed in a situation where you have to be reactive. Many do not realize it, but, you may prevent foreclosure with […]

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