Tips for Understanding Deposit Insurance

September 25, 2017

insured bank deposits

As with any other type of insurance, it’s important to understand the purpose and protection of deposit insurance. Even children are admonished to only put their money in accounts protected by FDIC, but what exactly does that mean? As complicated as it might sound, it is quite simple to understand when it is broken down […]

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Cyber Tips: Safe Social Media

September 22, 2017

smartphone with social media apps

September, 2017 | Volume 12, Issue 9 The number of scams and malware taking advantage of social media users and platforms is on the rise. Social media scams are easy to create and can target thousands of people at once due to how users interact with pages, posts, and contacts. Once your account is compromised, […]

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Savings Accounts for Teens: Grow a Sound Future One Deposit at a Time

September 18, 2017

savings accounts for teens

Three words instigate the ability for teenagers to create their own successful future. Perhaps your imagination is producing words like responsibility, education and employment. Those are certainly good objectives, but the words that increase additional funds at little or no cost are deposits, interest and compounding. Deposits Depending on your age, you may have an […]

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Doing a Financial Checkup is Important

September 12, 2017

Financial Checkup

  So often, we go through the year without really knowing how we are doing financially. This happens even if we manage to keep all the bills paid. When an emergency arises, we find out we are far from prepared. This is a major reason to do a financial checkup regularly. Getting Prepared. The first […]

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FDIC’s Coverage on Prepaid Cards

September 5, 2017

prepaid debit cards

For millions of individuals throughout the nation, a prepaid debit card is a positive substitute for a checking account. In terms of paying bills each month and making purchases this is very convenient. However, there is one distinct difference that you must know if you are a prepaid card user. If the company that you […]

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