Agricultural Land Loans

Somerville Bank has an avid interest in the agricultural industry and is dedicated to the pursuit of aiding professionals in the industry.

These loans create an excellent opportunity to engage in the American tradition of working the land and providing valuable and nutritious resources to Ohio and the world.


Somerville Bank has partnered with the State of Ohio, supporting the agriculture industry through the updated Ag-LINK program!

Customized Financing to Purchase New Farmland

If you have a strong sense of direction, are dedicated, display high levels of persistence, are willing to work, and have a desire to devote yourself to a productive craft, working in the agricultural industry is for you.

While we have a long list of loan opportunities in which you may qualify, our agriculture land loans are just what you need to get started in the farming industry.

Additionally, they aid in assisting those that have a desire to refinance their current farming operation.

It does not matter if you elect to work part time, full time, you have a small operation, a large operation, or what type of specialty you focus on, we consider ourselves to be your partner is opening and growing your agriculture operation.

Make your Money Work Around the Clock

The agriculture land loans that we offer are created to help the next generation of farmers and/or ranchers obtain the land and capital that they need to achieve their goals. These loans can help in creating a highly competitive and extremely prosperous farming business. They may help you in offsetting operational costs, obtaining access to new farming markets, funding your marketing endeavors, and aid in the unique diversification of your agriculture business.

We take the hassle out of gaining access to the funding that you need to create a successful business. Agriculture land loans can help you start, improve, or transition your current farming operations. You may focus on the crops and specialties that you desire, while working with a low-interest loan that will help you obtain all that you need. Agriculture land loans are perfect for those from all walks of life, all farming markets, and even individuals that specialize in alternative types of farming methods. These include aeroponics, freight container farming, hydroponics, and even vertical farming.


We here at Somerville Bank have been providing services and loans to individuals in the farming industry for 108+ years. We focus on locals that have a desire to make a positive contribution to the community.

If you have a desire to learn more about agriculture land loans and want to start the application process, you may visit us at one of our 8 locations.

These include our Ohio Locations: North Eaton, South Eaton, Somerville, Camden, Oxford, Hamilton, New Lebanon, and the Mortgage Center in Richmond Indiana.

For more information, simply contact one of our friendly lenders and we will be more than happy to assist you.