Bank Auto Loans

If you’re looking for an auto loan, skip the dealership and work directly with a bank. There are so many benefits of working with a bank that you trust.

We offer:

  • Up to 72 month terms 
  • 0.25% rate reduction with direct payments
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Bank Auto Loans

Throughout history, most individuals seeking to purchase a new or pre-used vehicle have obtained financing as arranged through the vehicle dealership.
Simply put, the dealership that owns the vehicle in which you have an interest collects all relevant information about you and then forwards those details to lenders that specialize in loaning money for vehicles. It is a third-party process if you will.

If you get a bank auto loan, you bypass the proverbial middle man and apply directly with that financial institution.

The Lender

A bank has the direct capability of pre-approving an auto loan. The bank is considered to be the lender of the loan.

They will take information about you such as your credit score, your employment history, your earnings, your expenses, the type of vehicle that you are interested in, as well as the terms associated with that particular transaction and will determine if you are approved for a loan. If you are considered to be an ideal candidate, the bank will outline how much credit they are willing to extend to you, the interest on the loan, as well as the term of the loan.