Building Site Lot Loans

Secure the location for future construction of a home or business on the lot of your choice in Ohio and Indiana.

Most consumers don’t realize that these loans are readily available.  These specially-designed loans are created for this exact thing.


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What is a Building Site Lot Loan?

If you are ready to purchase a site to build a new home or a new building, a building site lot loan will allow you to do just that. This type of loan allows you to purchase the vacant lot first. Many desire a specific location for future construction and this type of loan allows you to secure that location. These loans are often more difficult to find and many lenders have less favorable terms than that of the more conventional loans that are commonly obtained for mortgages; however, Somerville Bank strives to ensure the best rates possible for our clients.

Building site lot loans are short-term loans that are commonly designated for real estate. You may use the money acquired from the loan to purchase land, start construction on property that you currently own, or – in some cases – renovate structures that are already in existence. Unlike similar property loans, these are similar to that of a line of credit. In other words, you borrow what you need when you determine that you need it. Additionally, you will only pay interest on the amount of the money that you actually borrow. During construction, most are only required to pay interest.

Commonly Affected Terms

There are differences between lot loans and standard loans for structures that are already in existence. One of the main differences are the terms associated with the loan. The terms will be based on the borrower, the conditions of the lending market, as well as the institution. You may see that the following terms are a bit different than conventional loans:

  • The availability of funds
  • The amount of the down payment involved
  • The overall length of the loan
  • The collateral required
  • The underwriting and overall loan process
    The interest rates associated with the loan

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