Securing Computers and Mobile Devices for Internet Banking and Shopping

Your computer and mobile devices have multiple access points. These include the internet connection that the device utilizes, the wireless networks that you connect those devices to, and the email accounts in which you send and receive messages.

These access points should be continuously safeguarded in order to protect your personal and financial information.

We all utilize locks on doors and windows that are attached to our homes, our businesses, and our vehicles in order to protect those possessions.

It is essential that we utilize special digital “locks” and security measures to protect our electronic-based possessions from unauthorized usage. In this guide, you will learn several successful strategies on how to secure your computers and mobile devices while engaging in internet banking and online shopping.

Utilize Strong User IDs and Passwords

The most important – yet, least complicated – of all measures that may be taken to properly secure your computer and mobile devices is to make certain that you utilize strong user IDs and passwords.

You should create IDs and passwords that include a combination of upper-case letters, lower-case letters, symbols, and numbers. The goal is to create challenging online identifying markers that are exceptionally difficult for a cybercriminal to guess. In addition to creating combinations that are unique, you should always avoid using the same IDs and passwords for different accounts.

Once you have created IDs and passwords that are unique for all of your bank accounts, email accounts, store accounts, and other online accounts, you should then change the passwords on a regular basis. Many opt for once a month changes while others opt for weekly changes – the choice is yours!

Software Updates are Critical

The next step in making sure that you are engaging in online banking and internet shopping in a secure fashion is to make certain that you keep your operating system and other forms of software on your computer or mobile device updated. The updates are released by the manufacturers of software programs to make sure that certain types of weaknesses and vulnerabilities are resolved.

If these issues are present on your electronic device, a hacker may take advantage of that susceptibility. By performing regular updates, you can avoid the flaws that are often the basis of a cyberattack on your personal and/or financial information.

Regularly Check Your Financial Accounts

If you engage in internet banking, it is important to regularly check your financial accounts. This includes both your banking information and your lines of credit. In doing so, you should observe for fraudulent charges, unknown withdrawals, and similar complications. If you detect an issue, you should report it immediately. You have the highest chance for resolution when an issue is caught early.

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