It was not at all long ago when banking was considered to be inconvenient and time-consuming. We had to take time out of our busy day to visit our bank to withdraw money or to deposit funds.

Thanks to the ever-expanding growth of technology, we now have a multitude of options as it relates to our finances. Out of all of these, mobile banking is at the top of the list.

The question is, how can we engage in mobile banking safely?

In this guide, you will be presented with a few safety tips that will protect you, your bank account, and your funds.

Avoid Public Networks

If you use a mobile device, you know that you have the ability to connect to a variety of networks while utilizing that device. In order to bank safely, you should avoid logging into your account and making transactions while on a public network. If you are away from home and need to engage in mobile banking activities, opt for the cellular network instead of a public network.

You should never access, send, or receive sensitive information over a public network that fails to implement the proper safety measures.

Utilize Only Official Banking Apps

Most of the banks in today’s world have their own official banking app. You should use only these main apps when engaging in banking activities. Official apps are encrypted to ensure that you are properly protected.

Be careful of phony apps that resemble official apps offered by your bank. Visit your bank’s website directly to get the official app.

Failure to take this measure could result in your downloading and utilizing a banking app that is accessed by scammers to get access to your personal and financial information – such as keylogger apps.

Use Security Features on Your Mobile Device

Mobile devices are easy to carry around. They have a high level of convenience. They are also easy to lose.

We tend to keep a lot of personal information on our phones. If that information gets into the wrong hands, it can be completely devastating.

To bank safely on your mobile device, it is important that you use the safety features on your device.

Examples include creating a pattern, a pin, or a password. Any digital locking device is better than none.

You should also turn on the location feature on your mobile device. That way, should it become lost, you can find it quickly. Put all safety measures into place and you will be able to bank safely on your mobile device.

Convenient and Secure

Mobile banking is highly convenient. In our fast-paced world, mobile devices provide us with solutions that we can use to streamline certain activities – especially pertaining to our finances.

We here at Somerville Bank offer mobile banking solutions that are fully secure. Our system combined with a little caution on your end can allow you to view your balances, view transactions, transfer funds, and more with the highest level of ease and security.

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