There are several remodeling projects that homeowners may engage in during the spring months in order to increase the overall value of their residence. Now that “spring has sprung”, it is time to take those spring cleaning activities a step further.

Why not change up your home a little?

Instead of throwing away the old to make room for the new to celebrate the arrival of spring, take the old and make it new! In this multi-part series, we will be sharing a few different spring remodeling and construction projects that will not only provide enjoyment for you and your loved ones, but, will increase the overall value of your home!

Even if you are not planning on selling your home, wouldn’t it be nice to make a few changes so that you may better enjoy your personal space? Continue reading to learn about a few budget-friendly remodeling and construction projects that are easy and highly rewarding!

Install Energy-Efficient Windows Throughout the Home
In today’s world, “luxury” means – in terms of home renovations – budget-friendly methods to increase the efficiency and sustainability of a home. It is more important to have a home that will last the duration of a lifetime that will optimize savings than a luxurious home that may crumble under the oppression of a fluctuating economy. We all want to add a bit of character or personality to our homes.

This spring, why not place an emphasis on installing energy-efficiency windows throughout the home? In most instances, the windows on a home are outdated and drafty. This could result in hundreds of dollars’ worth of wasted energy each year. By installing windows that are officially rated by Energy Star, you have the potential to save approximately $500 or more a year on lighting, heating, and cooling costs!

In fact, HGTV has recently made a claim that homeowners that elect to engage in this home improvement project may expect as little as a 60% or as much as a 90% return on their original investment! If you want to change the look of your home this spring, opt for installing energy-efficient windows! Not only will your home feel great, but, it will look great, too!

Finding Funds
In this first installment of our multi-part series, Simple Remodeling and Construction Projects That Will Increase the Overall Value of Your Home, you have learned about a simple project that may change the look and feel of your home – installing energy efficient windows.

Today’s market offers a multitude of choices in Energy Star windows. You may choose from decorative windows to purely functional windows. These products will allow you to save a vast amount of money in lighting, heating, and cooling. If you lack the funds to start a home improvement project, we here at Somerville National Bank will help you!

We offer home improvement loans for homeowners that want to optimize the appearance and functionality of their homes. If you would like more information, simply contact us today: