We thank you for stopping by to read Part 3 of our series, SBA Loans. If you have been following this series, you have learned about the core mission associated with the Small Business Administration (SBA), the benefits of obtaining a SBA loan in order to provide financial backing to your business, about how and why businesses that apply for SBA loans are considered to be gazelles, and the specially-designed SCORE system offered by the Small Business Administration. This week, we will expound on the Women Business Center (WBC) program offered by the Small Business Administration.

The WBC Program Offered by the SBA
The Women Business Center Program is a specially-designed program offered by the Small Business Administration is a network that includes well over 100 centers that help in providing business-based training, professional business counseling, coaching and mentoring, and other types of assistance for women who want to start a business or currently have a business. In most instances, this program specializes on providing services to women who suffer from some type of social and/or economic challenge; however, it may be used by other women, too. Essentially, these programs are designed to aid in meeting the challenges and needs of women who are also entrepreneurs.

The WBCs are in all of the states within the nation. Additionally, there are centers that are offered in the territories of American Samoa and Puerto Rico. There are also WBC Programs offered in the District of Columbia. These programs know and understand the common issues that women entrepreneurs experience when it comes to scheduling. As a result of this fact, the services offered by the programs are designed so that the times and locations are convenient. Not only are the services, training, and counseling offered in English, but, they are offered in numerous other languages, as well. Most of the training courses are free. If there is a charge for the training and services, it typically involves only a very small fee. If you want to participate in one of the programs, simply visit the following for more information: www.sba.gov/wosb

At Somerville National Bank, we place a special emphasis on assisting women in obtaining the SBA loans that they require to open and/or operate a business. While we work closely with the Small Business Administration to provide these loans to women, we also take it a step further and educate women on all of the other services and programs that are available to them.

We see ourselves as something more than just a lender. We like to consider ourselves a partner to those women in our communities that want to start and/or operate a business of their own. We want to ensure that you achieve the highest level of success possible. This is why we feel it is important that you know about the WBC Programs that are currently in existence.

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