Save Money by Reading the Fine Print of No-Interest Offers

December 11, 2017

Save Money by Reading the Fine Print of No-Interest Offers

  It’s the holiday season and consumers everywhere are looking for great gifts at low prices! Do you have your eye on a large refrigerator/freezer complete with ice maker and filtered-water dispenser? Perhaps a large-screen 3-D TV is on the family wish list. Unfortunately, this is the time of year to remind people that the […]

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Add-Ons with Credit Cards – Should You Say “Yes”?

December 4, 2017

credit cards

In recent years, a large number of credit card companies have been engaging in the act of cross-selling add-ons. In most instances, these are identified as “protections” that assist the credit card holder in the event of a financial hardship, such as the development of an illness, experiencing job loss, or a death in the […]

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Top 5 Holiday Shopping Tips to Save You Money

November 27, 2017

save money for the holidays

It is a known fact that your bank account and your credit have the potential to get hit hard during the holiday season. According to the national survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, the average consumer spent over $935.00 during the 2016 holiday season. This total included food, postage, greeting cards, decorations, and gifts. […]

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Cyber Tips: Shopping Safely Online

November 22, 2017

shopping safely online

November, 2017 | Volume 12, Issue 11 As Cyber Monday and the season for online shopping quickly approaches, its worth taking a few moments to ensure you’re not giving the gift of your personal or financial information to online criminals! Identity theft, scams, frauds, and malware infections are serious problems that target shoppers during the […]

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Tips for Young Adults: How to Get a Good Deal on Auto Loans

November 20, 2017

teen driver

As a young adult, purchasing a vehicle is exciting. Unfortunately, the car-buying process is one that is filled with a high level of uncertainty. Auto Loans are confusing. Being a first-time buyer is a challenging process; however, if equipped with the proper knowledge, tools, and resources, it can be an easy and highly rewarding process. […]

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Refinancing Extends Past Mortgages

October 23, 2017

auto refinance

It is a known fact that it is possible to refinance a mortgage; however, many have no idea that it is actually possible to refinance other types of loans – such as automobile loans, credit cards, personal loans, and even student loans. Refinancing is a simple process that occurs numerous benefits. Simply put, the process […]

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Simple Strategies for Rebounding from a Bad Credit History

October 16, 2017

Credit report

If you are grappling with a troublesome history of loan repayment issues, debt payment challenges, and/or other credit complications, improving your credit rating may appear to be  nearly impossible. Having a bad credit history could result in being denied credit, paying higher expenses to obtain credit, and may detrimentally impact your reputation and other components […]

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Banking Tips for Small Business

October 9, 2017

small business banking

Small businesses are considered to be a highly crucial component to the economy. Additionally, they are exceptionally important to the entrepreneurs that invest their time and money into starting, operating, and growing them.   If you own a business, it is imperative to understand how to handle the monetary aspects of your business. You will […]

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6 Tips to Help You Teach Your Child How to Manage Money

October 2, 2017

teaching your child about money

Teaching your child about handling money is an important part of being a parent. If your child is in college, it is not too late to start but it is wisest to start your child’s financial learning as soon as they have an idea of what money is. This might be as young as three […]

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