Established in the year of 1910, Somerville Bank has a long history of providing services to consumers in the Southwestern region of the State of Ohio. By the year of 1990, it expanded to a total of seven branches – all offering full services. In the year of 2010, the financial institution celebrated 100 years of service. In 2018, the institution became an Ohio Chartered Bank. In recent months, we have created and implemented a brand-new website for our clients. In this brief guide, we will provide details on the changes associated with that new site.

New Somerville Bank Website Homepage

The Home Page

In exploring the home page of our new website, you will immediately find that the area is cleaner and easier to navigate than our previous site. Right on that page, you will get a glimpse into our earliest days through an historical image and a brief outline of our expansive history. As you continue down, you will be able to clearly see the Mission Statement. The information contained on this page outlines how our history meets today to provide a promising future. Our Mission includes:

  • Providing financial products and a variety of services at the lowest costs possible
  • Ensuring top capitalization and high returns for our shareholders
  • Establishing a high-quality establishment for our employees
  • Encouraging support with community-based services that will provide enhancements to the quality of life for individuals

Navigational Features

As you visit our new website, you will quickly discover that we have created it so that you – the user – reap the most benefits. Our user-friendly navigational features allow you to gain direct access to that which is most important to you – be it consumer interests, business interests, services, or if you simply want to learn about us.

Our goal is to make it easier and quicker to learn about the services and solutions that we offer. Our newly designed website is highly interactive and provides instantaneous access to the information that matters to you!

For the Consumer

In our consumer section, you will be able to learn about consumer accounts, auto loans, and residential lending features that we here at Somerville Bank offer.

Somerville Bank Website Lending Page

Examples of the solutions you will discover in our residential lending section include the following:

  • Loans for Building Site Lots
  • Properties for Investments
  • Mixed-Use Properties
  • USDA for Rural Development
  • FHA Loans
  • VA Loans
  • Lines of Credit Based on Home Equity
  • Construction Loans for Residences

In addition to a comprehensive outline of our services, we have outlined our consumer & residential lending specialists:

  • Katie Orr
  • Mike Reuss
  • Melinda Burr
  • Kevin D. McKeehan
  • Lacy Aikman
  • Becky Melton
  • Adam Day
  • Emma Rogers

In our auto loans section, you will find that we have the ability to pre-approve for an auto loan. Our bank is the direct lender. We obtain your credit score, your annual earnings, the expenses that you have, and your employment history. We then take the vehicle you are interested in purchasing and the terms associated with said vehicle. We then run that information and work closely with you to create a loan that will allow you to step into that new vehicle and drive away!

Agricultural Lending Page

Agricultural and Commercial Solutions

If you specialize in agricultural services or commercial services, you will be pleased to know that our new website outlines a wide variety of services to you, including business accounts and lending. Examples of these include the following:

  • Agricultural Land Loans
  • Commercial R.E Loans
  • SBA Loans
  • FSA Loans
  • Commercial-based Construction Loans

The following outlines our current agricultural and commercial lending specialists:

  • David Douglas Ulrich
  • Rick Hawley
  • Pete Ferriell
  • Greg Meier
Identity Theft Services

Identity Theft Protection Services

We here at Somerville Bank are happy to announce our new ID TheftSmart system. This, too, is outlined on our new website. Currently, we are offering this service at the low rate of just $8.50 a month! The protection provided is absolutely priceless!

Not only will this provide you with direct access to a live Identity Consultant, it will also provide you with your own Private Investigator should your identity ever become compromised.

This is a special service that we recommend for both consumer and commercial patrons. Simply contact us at one of our branches to learn more about signing up for this very necessary service.


While exploring our new website, you will find information about the various services that we provide. These include online banking, mobile banking, check ordering services, and more!

We have dedicated a specific area of the website on these services so that you may quickly and conveniently gain immediate access to that which you need. In exploring these services, you will find that we also offer Bill Pay Services, Mobile Apps for Deposits and Transfers, Customizable Alerts, ACH Payments, and more! If you are in search of a one-stop financial banking institution, you will find it with us here at Somerville Bank!


In reviewing our new About section on our website, you will gain immediate access to a wealth of information. This includes the following:

  • The addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and hours of all of our locations
  • The locations of all of our ATM and Remote ATMs
  • A list of our current employment opportunities
  • A direct link to a comprehensive blog that provides the latest and greatest information pertaining to your finances

Direct Contact

In our effort to be completely transparent with our clients, we now have a comprehensive list of contacts listed on our new website. Regardless of what you need or who you want to speak with, you will now be able to locate them and contact them immediately. Those that serve as our main points of contacts on this section include the following:

  • Sharon Rich, Branch Manager in Somerville
  • Abby Moore, Branch Manager in Camden
  • Amy Hauser, Assistant Cashier in North Eaton
  • Marla Swope, Branch Manager in South Eaton
  • Leah Wallace, Branch Manager in Oxford
  • Cindy Wallace, Branch Manager in Hamilton
  • Angie Mears, Branch Manager in New Lebanon
  • Becky Melton, Vice President in Richmond, Indiana
  • More to come!

We here at Somerville Bank thank you for your continued support! We look forward to serving you!