Credit and Debit Card Problems – What to Do

March 4, 2019

Empty Wallet

In today’s highly technological and constantly evolving world, more and more people are utilizing credit cards and debit cards to make purchases – be it in traditional brick and mortar stores or online. As this type of usage increases, the likelihood of experiencing an issue with these type of payment methods is also expected to […]

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Holiday Accounts Help Reduce Spending

December 17, 2018

Santa Giving Gifts

Open a Holiday Savings Account Today to Reduce Excessive Spending During Next Year’s Holiday Season We are officially in the midst of massive financial temptations now that the holiday season is upon us. You might find yourself weathering the spending storm. A holiday savings account can so helpful each holiday season. When you use a […]

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Benefits of Small Business Administration Loans

June 18, 2018

small business loan

Apart from contributing to the growth and comprehensive development of small businesses, there are numerous benefits associated with Small Business Administration Loans. The Small Business Administration is a federal agency that specializes in guaranteeing necessary loans that are made through lending partners throughout the nation. Somerville Bank is one of those lending partners. If you want […]

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The Benefits of Bank Auto Loans

June 4, 2018

Auto Loan

If you are attempting to gain approval for an auto loan, you should skip the dealership and opt to work directly with a bank. There are many benefits of bank auto loans. Bank Auto Loans Throughout history, most individuals seeking to purchase a new or pre-used vehicle have obtained financing as arranged through the vehicle […]

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Credit Report – A Basic Guide for Consumers

February 26, 2018

Credit Report

A credit report is a specially-designed statement that includes specific information about past and current credit activity which has a direct impact on an individual’s capability to receive loans, financing, and other types of monetary assistance.Credit reports are created by companies, bureaus, and/or consumer-based reporting agencies that specialize in collecting and storing financial-based information about […]

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Tax Season Tips

February 12, 2018

Doing Your Taxes

Tax season is in full swing.January 29th marked the first day that electronic tax returns were accepted by the Internal Revenue Service. This year alone, 155 million returns are expected to be filed. As a result of the immensity of this number, tax fraud is anticipated and heavily weighing on the minds of both consumers […]

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