As we continue our series, Remodeling Projects That Will Increase the Value of Your Home, we will continue to elaborate on various remodeling projects that you may start in the spring months that will increase the value of your home. As stated previously, it is time to step outside of the traditional bounds of spring cleaning.

Why should we always throw out the old to make room for the new?

This spring, you can actually take the old and make it brand new! The projects that we outline in this series will vamp up your personal space, make your home more beautiful, help save you money, and aid in providing a higher level of enjoyment for you and your loved ones!

Update Your Home’s Siding
Last week, we suggested the simple home remodeling project of installing energy-efficient windows. This week, we would like to suggest updating your home’s siding. The outside of your home is consistently exposed to harsh conditions – high temperatures, cold temperatures, wind, humidity, and rain.

The intense environmental and weather conditions that come in contact with your home’s exterior are not only detrimental to its appearance; they are also detrimental to the durability of the siding. As a homeowner, it is likely that you have your home’s siding inspected on a regular basis. If you are reading this article, it is likely time for a little freshening up.

Siding Options
Siding will result in vast improvements to the appearance and value of your home. In fact, it is considered to be a major upgrade. As you shop for siding, you will find yourself in a sea of numerous options. You may choose from vinyl siding, wood siding, faux brick siding, and other types.

Each of the options at your disposal will present numerous factors that must be considered. Examples include the amount that you have to budget for the endeavor, the reliability of the material that you choose, the weather conditions your home is exposed to, the ongoing maintenance that will have to be performed on the siding, as well as your responsibility to the environment.

In order to improve more than just the appearance of your home, it is important to opt for siding that is energy efficient and offers other types of technologies that will save you money and preserve the world around you!

Let Us Help
At Somerville National Bank know the importance of making changes to your home. We also know the expense that is associated with such endeavors. While siding is not too expensive by the piece, installing new siding on your home may be a very expensive project -as a whole.

We now offer a multitude of homeowner loans for people just like you! If you want to improve the appearance, efficiency, and overall value of your home, we would love to talk to you! Somerville National Bank has a multitude of home improvement loan options that will help you accomplish all of your home-related needs!

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