The core mission of the Small Business Administration (SBA) is to provide an immediate access to capital in an all-inclusive manner. Many believe that is the absolute end to the administration’s commitment to the owners of small businesses within the United States; however, it is actually only the beginning. It is a known fact that small businesses require a reliable source of lending in order to grow and succeed; however, it is equally important for the businesses to have access to a wide array of information that pertains to the fundamentals of business ownership and operation, the management of capital, compliance with small business regulations, and networking. All of this works together in order to create an abundance of opportunities and an increase in customers for the American small business. Here at Somerville National Bank, we specialize in providing you with SBA loan information and numerous other opportunities for your small business.

Optimal Business Success
Small businesses that elect to obtain SBA loans are said to have the edge when it comes to optimal business success. According to statistics, two out of every three businesses that obtain a SBA loan are capable of establishing a business that has a high level of revenue. Three out of every four are able to successfully hire within their business. Nearly half are able to successfully obtain government-based contracts. Businesses that obtain their funding through SBA loans are said to have a higher level of sophistication when it comes to operations. Furthermore, these businesses are able to tackle and overcome business-related complications and challenges more quickly than businesses that do not obtain a SBA loan.

Reach New Heights
SBA loans will help your business reach new heights – in production and profits. Studies have established that most jobs that have been created in our economy stem from appropriate lending to small businesses – especially those that have received SBA loans. This is because when businesses obtain lending from the Small Business Administration, they receive more than just money. They also receive counseling on how to be successful in their endeavors and they are provided with the various contracts and the necessary capital required to expand. If you have a small business idea, but, do not have the funding to follow through on that idea, it is important that you consider obtaining a loan from the Small Business Administration.

Somerville National Bank
Here at Somerville National Bank, we believe in funding the small business. Our professional lending team will take every route possible to ensure that YOUR business ends up on the road to success. We know that a great deal of the success that you will experience will depend heavily on your journey, not just your final destination. By working with us, we will commit to ensuring that every opportunity you qualify for with the Small Business Administration works to the greater good for your business. We are more than just a bank. We are a part of the community where your business will operate!