Somerville National Bank, which was established in the year of 1910, originated as a financial institution dedicated to serving the Southwestern region of the State of Ohio. Once considered to be the absolute smallest national-based chartered bank in the nation, since the year of 1990, it has expanded to offer six branches that offer full services within Ohio. One of the main features of any type of account at Somerville National Bank is the debit card.

A debit card provides you with a positive and productive way to make all of those everyday purchases and offers you the convenience, control, and security that you come to expect with such a feature. By using the Somerville National Bank debit card, your cash is conveniently located at your fingertips and you may never have to write out another check ever again; however, there are a few restrictions associated with the debit card. Continue reading to learn more!

The debit card offered at Somerville National Bank is easier and faster than writing a check and much safer than cash. It allows you to speed through all of the checkout lanes that you find yourself in and is accepted at thousands upon thousands of merchants in the States of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Additionally, you may pay many of your bills each month using your debit card online.

The Somerville National bank debit card allows you to stay 100% in control over your finances. Not only will you have the ability to quickly and easily review each of the purchases made with the card – in detail – but, you will also be able to review an account summary each day so that you know how much money you have in your account. You will always be “in the know” with the debit card from Somerville National Bank.

In recent years, fraud has detrimentally impacted many users of debit cards. Somerville National Bank takes every measure possible to prevent this from happening to you. That is one of the reasons it may only be used in the States of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. If you use the card outside of Ohio, you will be required to enter in a PIN. If you would like to use the card outside of the tri-state region, you must simply call one of the branches to request a lift of the restriction.

For More Information
If you would like more information on the accounts available at Somerville National Bank or would like a debit card for your account, simply contact Jodie Hunsucker, EVP at 937-456-6939. You may also contact Jodie by emailing Somerville National Bank offers a wide array of services, products, and features that allows you to bank with confidence. Despite our expansion into multiple branches, we still pride ourselves at being a “home town bank”. If you want to work with a bank that has multiple products, exceptional customer services, and offers you and your money the highest level of security, contact Jodie at Somerville National Bank today to learn about all of the ways WE can help YOU!